Back to School Grind

I'm back. Back in Indiana, ready to start the final year of my undergrad. It's going to be a great year. After being on an amazing journey in South Florida, gearing up for one last round sparks many new thoughts. The EDSA internship experience was truly enlightening. It broadened my understanding of what is within the realm of possibility as a designer and as a landscape architect.

One takeaway I gained from the internship is the idea of thinking big, like really big. The "designer" world tends to buy into the idea of creating small, detail oriented things, which is important, but after working on large scale planning projects at EDSA I believe it is equally, if not more important to zoom out and think about the entire network of those detailed relationships. For example, there could be a combination of economical, cultural, environmental factors which influence a region. Without vision for each of those factors at a "maco" level, the detailed interaction can never reach its full potential.  Check out this TED talk, it does a better job articulating the idea that I'm trying to. Tim Brown TED Talk