One Wabash District

In 2015, ArtSpaces, Inc. hosted an intensive design charrette to think about a cultural amenity along the Wabash River in Terre Haute, IN. The location, known as "One Wabash" is where a single bridge historically crossed the river (later torn down). LWDesigns was invited to join a team of design professionals to work with the local community to envision an amazing new reuse of this land.

The outcome was a riverfront development district and pedestrian promenade relinking Wabash Avenue to the river. By restructuring circulation through municipal parking lots, the design was able to blend seamlessly and safely through. The future identity of One Wabash is characterized by public markets and flexible event spaces. Ending with a grand view extending over the Wabash River, one can imagine the thrill of being above the Indiana's state river.  ArtSpaces is currently pursuing funding to continue the Turn To The River inititive and the One Wabash District vision.