Regional Ecology as Cultural Future

Known as the “Crossroads of America" for nearly a century, Terre Haute, Indiana has experienced the rise and fall of industrialized lands along the Wabash River. Not knowing how to reinvest in the river beyond industry, it faces significant ecologic destruction, hydrologic degradation, and economic depression.

The project aims to balance ecology and culture by activating, connecting, educating, engaging, identifying, and sustaining the city and region for the future. Reestablishing its ecological balance originates with water. Defining its cultural balance begins with connections.  A series of strategies index a network of opportunities that reveals the city’s identity.  Strategies were then applied to a pilot location for site scale programming.  Two locations were preferred. “River South” is the pilot site suitable for capturing a balanced design outcome that addressed all strategies. “One Wabash” is the cultural site of focus during the collaborative community design charrette.