Projects showcased on this page represent a selection of Luke's professional work. These project samples vary widely in size, scale and impact to the communities and regions in which they are located. Unless otherwise noted, all graphics and images displayed here were created by Luke as an entry level landscape designer or intern. 


Wabash Promenade

Serving as a connection between two bridges across the Wabash River, the promenade is a dynamic pedestrian structure set above a natural landscape. the promenade includes a walkway, flexible seating, overlooks, and small event spaces. Vegetation below also serves as additional stormwater capture for the new nearby development. (while at MKSK)

Market Street

The South Market Street Streetscape project pursuit is a 0.5 mile complete street reconstruction including one block of brick surface on the Historic Parke County Courthouse Square, a tourism center that hosts the Annual Covered Bridge Festival and other community events. This Major Collector Street serves a large agricultural area. Reconstruction would include utility upgrades, historic paver reuse, storm sewer system, ADA compliant curbs and sidewalks, signs, and lighting. (while at TSWDG)

Bicentennial Plaza

The plaza in front of the Indiana Statehouse, in honor of the Indiana Bicentennial, was renovated to produce safer traffic patterns and civic engagement. A central interactive water fountain at the core is flanked by sculptures, a time capsule, and an enduring flame. (while at MKSK)


Located along the Athenian coastline, Astir, Greese, "the crown jewel" is one of the most attractive properties along the Eastern Mediterranean coast.  This Master Plan aims to revitalize the resort peninsula as a tourism destination. The team was tasked with improving public and private programmatic elements including vehicular circulation on the peninsula, developing hiking trails through historic ruins, increasing the marina capacity, identifying real estate opportunities, and evaluating the Astir Hotel Complex. (while at EDSA)   

River West

River West is the result of a targeted investment strategy for one of the 6 Great Places 2020 projects. Specific initiatives include brownfield remediation, reconnecting neighborhoods to one another and to the White River through complete streets, experience-based retail, an entrepreneurship center led by IUPUI and infill residential development. (while at MKSK)