Shelby Street TOD

Background/ Context

The 28 mile Red Rapid Transit Line will utilize rapid transit service to connect Carmel to the North with Greenwood to the South via downtown Indianapolis. The route connects strong employment locations, visitor destinations, educational and health institutions, and other significant destinations within our region. [IndyConnect]


Existing natural and constructed systemsbegin to identify relationships along the Shelby Street corridor. Zoning considerations must be accounted for when projecting future transit oriented development. Lack of consistent design identity leads to urban sprawl characteristics. Some locations, specifically near Garfield Park provide great opportunity for residential redevelopment and just south near Troy Street. University of Indianapolis’s anticipation to expand across Shelby Street creates a southern gateway while Fountain Square naturally defines the northern terminus of the site.


+ Define and connect neighborhoods through a network of multi-modal transit systems within the Shelby Street Right-of-Way

+ Focus increased density within existing structures and new construction infill near transit stops

+ Establish unique character along new BRT transit line.

+ Reestablish ecological influence through green infrustructure techniques